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NEPAL: Ensure fair trial and protection of child torture victim:

(AHRC STATEMENT) As Lapka Tamang’s torture case will be heard on October 24, 2011 in Dulikhel District Court, Kavre, the Center for Victims of Torture-Nepal and the AHRC expect the hearing will take place according to the norms of  a free and fair trial, and that the victim will be provided protection against any coercion attempts to change his testimony.


INDIA: West Bengal police refuse to help victim of child trafficking:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has once again received information from MASUM, a human rights organisation working in West Bengal, concerning the case of 13-year-old girl, who was trafficked from the Indo-Bangladesh border area by a gang of criminals. It is reported that the police is refusing to take any sensible action to provide protection to the rescued girl or to her family who are now facing threats and intimidation from the criminals. The family tried seeking help from the police, but have been refused any help so far. The rescued girl finds threatened even to attend school at the moment.

National reconciliation through hostage taking:

(AHRC STATEMENT) Among the many analyses of the release of a couple of hundred political prisoners in a total of over 6000 detainees let out of Burma's prisons last week, the most precise and succinct came from a famous comedian, Zarganar. Imprisoned for criticising the relief effort in the wake of Cyclone Nargis in 2008. 

RTI activist targeted in Orissa for exposing ghost ponds:

(AHRC STATEMENT) Orissa is one of the states in India that has failed to assimilate the spirit of the 73rd amendment of the Indian constitution, which provides a constitutional framework to the Panchayat Raj.

Critique institutions not the law:

(AHRC STATEMENT) The Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh, addressing the sixth annual convention of Information Commissioners in New Delhi said the government will be critically reviewing the Right to Information Act, 2005 so that the legislation does not affect the deliberative process in the government.

Mayawati, the Supreme Court of Uttar Pradesh:

(AHRC STATEMENT) In what appears to be an 'absolutely normal' practice in India, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh state, Ms Mayawati, has declared, that one of her ministers, accused of having raped a girl, is not guilty. The chief minister also declared, that there would be no investigation against the minister.

Police assault tribal woman in Kerala:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has received information from Nervazhi, a human rights organisation working in Kerala, concerning the case of police assault upon a tribal woman. It is reported that Mrs Paru, aged 65 years went to the Malakkapara Police Station concerning a complaint Paru had filed at the station of theft at her home.

The BSF strikes again in West Bengal murdering a man by breaking his skull:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has once again received information from MASUM, a human rights organisation working in West Bengal, concerning the murder of an innocent person who was attempting to cross the Indo-Bangladesh border. The victim in the case Mr Khalil Sk. is a local medical practitioner who went across the border to treat his ailing relative.

No transparency in military proceedings against officers responsible for violence against Kebumen villagers:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) Regarding the military violence against Kebumen villagers on April 16-17, 2011, the AHRC has learnt that there have been some legal proceedings against the villagers. However, there is no information regarding any legal process against the alleged perpetrators. The reluctant and secretive nature of the military’s proceedings against the responsible soldiers shows its unwillingness to resolve the case in a just manner.  

One person killed, hundreds arrested and five persons charged with rebellion at Third Papuan Peoples Congress:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has received information regarding the killing of at least one person and the arrest of hundreds of participants at the Third Papuan People's Congress including Forkorus Yaboisembut and Edison Waromi on 19 October 2011 in Abepura, Papua. Concerns about the safety of the arrested persons and the need for an investigation into the killing need your urgent intervention.

A protester demanding her labour rights suffered a miscarriage due to police violence:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has received information that Mrs. Suparti suffered a miscarriage while taking part in a strike and peaceful protest on 6 May 2011 in the front of the PT Micro Garment factory. Employees of the factory were protesting against the violation of their labour rights. The Solokan Jeruk sector police tried to disband the peaceful protest with violence, resulting in Mrs. Suparti’s miscarriage.

Government should prioritize Dalit food security:

(AHRC OPEN LETTER) Dear Prime Minister:

During the month of the World Food Day (October 16) and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17), the AHRC would like to bring your attention to Nepal’s Dalits, the Gandharva community in particular, who suffer from severe food insecurity and poverty.

Perversion of habeas corpus writ indicates breakdown in justice system:

(AHRC STATEMENT) The AHRC is disappointed by a local court’s unnecessary delay in concluding the habeas corpus writ of torture victim Abdul Khan Ajid. The purpose of the writ was to question the legality of Ajid's detention in the place of the real accused, Kanneh Malikil, member of the Abu Sayaff Group.

Executive presidential system and the supremacy of T56:

(AHRC STATEMENT) While the whole nation was shocked by the multiple killings at Mulleriyawa, another set of gruesome murders have been reported from Puhulyaya, Panahakaduwa, in Udawalawe. M K Lalith, R Indrani Gnanalatha, M K Dilan Chathuranga and M K Nadeeka Sevuwandi (a father, mother son and daughter) were all killed during a shooting. Police believe to be shots from a T 56 gun - an automatic weapon - similar to the one used in the Mulleriyawa killings.

The criminal Justice system in Sri Lanka is a dead tree:

(AHRC STATEMENT) That murder should not be looked on lightly and the murderers must be punished is one of the most basic moral judgements in any human society. The attitude taken by the Sri Lankan government that no legal action need be taken against Duminda Silva, who has been identified by witnesses as having instigated and taken part in an incident that ultimately ended in the deaths of four persons, is nothing less than scandalous.

It is not enough to cry for the country:

(AHRC STATEMENT) The editor of the Sunday Leader, in an article entitled: "'The law is an ass" questions the statement by a government spokesman that Duminda Silva is not a suspect in the killings of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and three others.  Members of Bharatha Lakshman's family have condemned this in the bitterest terms. They have also expressed their lack of faith in due process being carried out as there are powerful persons protecting the alleged culprits.


Innocent man was illegally arrested, tortured and denied justice by Thambuththegama Police:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has received information that Mr. Madabavitage Samantha of Minuwangoda in the Gampaha District was assaulted and robbed of a gold ring by two people in the town of Thambuththegama in the Anuradhapura District while he was on his way home from a church feast with his assistant, Piyal. When two police officers with the Thambuththegama Police Station arrived at the scene, they worked closely with the men who had committed the assault, and arrested the two injured victims.

Man illegally arrested, tortured and laid with fabricated charges by the Udugama Police:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) Mr. Sathira Dharshana Jayawickrama of Ketagoda, Udugama was arrested by police officers attached to the Udugama Police Station who severely tortured him. He was remanded for 42 days after the police filed a fabricated case against him.  

Perpetrators of brutal attack on student leader of Jaffna University have not been arrested:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has received information that Mr. Subramaniam Thavapalasingham, President of the Jaffna University Students Union was severely assaulted by members of an unknown group in Jaffna on 16 October 2011. Thavapalasingham was seriously injured, and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. .

Death of primary suspect in murder of a newspaper editor should be investigated:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) The AHRC has received information that Pichchei Jesudasan, the primary suspect in the murder of veteran journalist editor of the Sunday Leader News Paper, Lasantha Wickramatunga, died while in remand prison. The other suspect who was arrested in relation to this case confessed to the Magistrate that he is under severe pressure by senior police officers to say that the killing was ordered by members of the military. He refused to follow these orders and sought judicial protection for his life.

Innocent man was severely tortured by Dompe Police:

(AHRC URGENT APPEALS) Mr. Battharamulla Gamage Susantha Buddhika of Dekatana, Dompe in Gampaha District was illegally arrested, detained and tortured. He was tortured on two occasions; he was hung from a ceiling beam and beaten with pipes and poles by three officers. Buddhika bled from his thighs, buttocks and knees. He was forced to confess to stealing a water pump, a crime that he has repeatedly denied having any involvement in.

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